Hi! I’m Jane.

And I want to help you live a big, joyful life!

This blog celebrates women in midlife and beyond. We are rich in experience and full of possibilities and potential. The future is an open book – what stories will you write in it?

I’m here to help you get unstuck, I can show you how to break free of limiting beliefs and habits that sap your energy and hold you back. Life should be a fun and exhilarating ride, don’t settle for less! Let’s rediscover your passions so you can start living the big, beautiful life you deserve.

It’s never too late to live your best life.

I know what it means to feel hopeless.   

Midlife hit me like a tidal wave. I was anxious and depressed. My body ballooned. My confidence was shot. My energy vanished. The future felt empty. I’d drag myself out of bed in the morning to face another joyless day.

At 50+, the clock was ticking. I knew life could be so much more. I had to stop wasting time and make a change!

I started with tiny steps, adding positive habits and seeking out new perspectives. I made myself a priority — a tough task for a people-pleaser like me — and nurturing myself became my daily goal. I added things that make me curious, passionate, and enthusiastic, and ditched the things that steal my joy. I also stopped buying into the idea that we have less to offer simply because we’re older. What rubbish! We have so much more to offer now, with decades of experience and wisdom to share.

One morning I woke up with that Christmas morning feeling again, brimming with excitement and eager for the day to begin.

And that’s exactly what I want for you.

Are you ready to make the days ahead the best days of your life? I can help you find your passion, feed your soul and live joyfully.

Plain Jane’s Guide to Happiness is full of stories that will challenge your limiting beliefs and help you build your own personal toolkit filled with habits for happiness. In my weekly newsletters, you’ll find resources, inspiration, and ideas for living your best life ever. 

I hope you’ll join me — every adventure is better with a friend at your side!